ThermaLogic - Energy Saving Heating Controllers
ThermaLogic offer a range of energy saving programmable radiator thermostat valves which can help to achieve significant energy and cost savings of up to 30% compared to standard radiator thermostats.
Simply by replacing an existing radiator thermostat you can start to achieve savings almost immediately. Individual radiators can be programmed to turn on and off at pre-set times and at pre-set temperatures. You can use multiple Thermostatic Radiator Heads (TRH) to create local zones for controlling temperature and optimise energy usage.
TM-3020 RF Wireless Programmable Radiator Thermostat

TM-3020-RF  Wireless Thermostatic Radiator Head

Easy installation with no need to drain radiators. Simply unscrew existing radiator valve heads and replace with the TM-3020-RF. Very straightforward and intuitive installation using the turning wheel.

4 separate time periods, temperature range 5º - 29.5° C

·Automatic (programmed), Manual and Holiday modes of operation.

·Individually programmable by Day (Mon, Tues, Wed etc) or 5 day block (Mon-Fri), Weekend block (Sat-Sun) or 7 day block 

(optional, see TM-3090-RF below) 

.Frost protection - Automatically turns on the valve if the temperature approaches zero to prevent freezing pipes. 

·Chalk protection will automatically open and then close the radiator valve once a week during the summer period when the heating is not being used which helps to prevent the build up of calcium which can lead to seized valves.

·Child safety lock prevents little fingers changing any settings that have been made.

·Easy mounting – without letting off of water of radiator

·Suitable for most current available radiators

·Built-in wireless for use with remote control / window contact / wall thermostat.

Power : 2 x AA batteries
(approx 2 years lifetime with normal use)

TM-3080-RF Wireless Wall Thermostat 

TM-3080-RF  Wireless Wall Thermostat

The TM-3080-RF wireless wall thermostat allows for the easy creation of local heating zones. Each wall thermostat can control an unlimited number of 'paired' wireless radiator thermostats and can also receive input from an unlimited number of window open contacts. Manual or Automatic (programmed) operation. Powered by 2 x AA batteries. (approximately 3 years battery life)
TM-3090-RF Wireless 'Window Open' Sensor

TM-3090-RF  Wireless Window Open Contact

The TM-3090-RF wireless window contact can be paired with either TM-3080-RF or TM-3020-RF and automatically shut down any radiator valves being controlled until the window or door is closed again. Significant savings can be made when used in areas where windows are often opened when an area is too warm (instead of turning the heating down) or where doors can be inadvertently left open. Without the use of this sensor a regular heating system would be trying to compensate for the cold air entering through open windows or doors resulting in large levels of energy wastage. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries. (approximately 5 years battery life)
TM-3070-RF Wireless Programmable Radiator Thermostat

TM-3070-RF  Wireless Thermostatic Radiator Head

Very similar in operation to TM-3020-RF but without the turning wheel and a smaller LCD.
TM-3081-RF Wireless Programmable Wall Thermostat 


Very similar in operation to TM-3080-RF but without the turning wheel and a smaller LCD.


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